VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8 and Video8
Transfers to DVD

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Offered Services

The transfer services that we offer are:

Home Movies from old VHS Tapes, VHS-C Tapes (mini VHS), Video8, Hi8 and MiniDV Tapes to DVD, Hard Drive, or Flash Drive.

Our General Pricing Guide is as Follows

VHS - $10 per tape

Video8 - $10 per tape

Hi8 - $10 per tape

VHS-C - $8 per tape

MiniDV - $8 per tape

DVD costs are $5 2-5 DVDs, $10 for 6-10 DVDs, $15 for 11-15 DVDs and so on, Generally one VHS to a DVD and one or two MiniDV VHS-C, Video8 or Hi8 to a DVD.

With the DVD, you can choose to have it presented as a DVD which can be put into a standard DVD or Blu Ray player and played, or as files which can be used on a computer for editing and storage, or to make copies of your own. If you would like both, simply add $2 to each of the above DVD charges.

Hard Drive Transfers also available, up 150 Tapes can fit on a 500GB Hard Drive adds an estimated $80-$120 to the cost, but money is saved per tape as DVDs are not required -   please email for a full quote, as we offer a service to put the tapes onto your Hard Drive, or we can supply one depending on the number.

Photos shown below to determine which type of tape you have, if you have any of these tapes, we can find a solution for you!

Due to international laws, Copyrighted tapes are unable to be transferred, sorry for the inconvenience.

The Other Service which we offer is Audio Casette Tapes to CD, DVD, Hard Drive, or Flash Drive

These are the standard Audio Casette tapes found from the 1970s to the early 2000s, commonly used for music, dictation and lectures or courses.

In this instance, we are able to transfer Commercially produced music casettes to CD for you.

Prices are as follows - 

$5 for a Casette tape

And $1 extra for every 120 Minutes of Audio to allow for CD or DVD charges.

With the CD or DVD, you can choose to have it as a CD that will play in a standard CD player (but will only have 1 track), or a CD or DVD with a file for each tape that can be loaded onto a computer or into software such as iTunes, and using software such as Audacity, individual tracks can be made yourself.

Like with the videos, we are able to put audio casettes onto Hard Drive and Flash Drive as well, and this will remove the $1 per 120 minute surcharge.

Unfortunately, we are unable to split individual songs or tracks from the casettes, so the result will be a single file, acting like a playlist, sorry for the inconvenience.

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